Jorge Aguilera

Your Music, Your Sound.

I am a person who is always looking to innovate and progress, to face challenges and enjoy 

dedicating myself to what I mostly like, music.


Projects I have participated in

Music label

I am currently working with Fresh Breath Records Music Label under my artist name "Darkyo".

I have made the tuning for the International Congress of the Ministry of Education and Professional Education that took place on March 30 and 31, 2023.

Looped Agency

In April 2023 I decided to found my own Music Agency under the name of Looped Agency.

Dedicated to book artists for all kinds of events and organizing festivals and shows.

Music production for my personal profile

I create my own music.

I even try to sign them with music labels or I upload the songs to streaming platforms.

Creation of short films

I have made the sound design of several short films, including music.

One of them was completed in 24 hours, winning the best production, video editing and short film awards.

Music for videogames

I create soundtracks for videogames.

One of them was Daidalos, which songs are on my Spotify Profile.

Own Releases

Songs that stand out:

With this song I started my career as an artist and with it I premiered Darkyo's profile on Spotify.

My most listened track so far, trying to express inner emotions that anyone could experience once in their life.

With this song, the original soundtrack of the video game "Daidalos", I inaugurated the Young Chamber Records sublabel.